A Complete Guide to CNA Certification Exam:- Pass the Exam with Flying Colors

In every state, it is mandatory for nursing assistants to take and pass the CNA certification exam in order to work as a professional CNA in any medical facility. This is to ensure that only qualified individuals will provide medical aid to the public. However passing a CNA certification test is not an easy task unless you are well informed about the tests. So here we will provide with guidelines and instructions to help you pass a CNA certification test with flying colors.

Now before discussing about the guidelines, let’s know more about the certification test. A certification is simply approval from the state proving that you have what it takes to start a CNA career. You could say it as a license because you need to show it to the employers when applying for a CNA position.

A Complete Guide to CNA Certification Exam A Complete Guide to CNA Certification Exam:  Pass the Exam with Flying Colors

Why CNA certification is necessary when you have already completed a state approved CNA training program?

Most of the people disagree with the certification exam being compulsory in the CNA career because they don’t see it necessary since they have already completed all the trainings and coursework from an approved CNA training program. They think of it as a waste of time and money.

If you are thinking the same then let me clear out why the CNA certification is important. You see, a state only approves a CNA training program or the institution but it does not necessarily mean that the teachers and the faculty staffs are also state approved. Of course all the teachers are qualified enough to present you the courses but there are few of those who are not experienced enough or those who are not well suited for the teaching profession.

And there are also those cases when teachers take bribes or pass students just to be nice. Oh! And cheating, some students might have completed the program by cheating. If there were to be no certification exam then everyone who has completed the program will enter the medical field and it might have negative impact on the public health. That is why the certification exam was made mandatory to protect the public.

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What is the test like?

Well a CNA certification exam is no new concept; like in most of the exams there is a written test (oral test) and a skill test which is held in an actual setting or some health care facility. Both the tests are done under the direct supervision of a qualified medical personal. Since the medical field is one hectic world, no one will be there to help you on those subjects that you are supposed to know. Both the tests will determine whether you have got the skills and knowledge to work as a CNA.

The first component of the test i.e. the written or oral exam is when students will be asked at least 70 multiple choice questions which they need to finish in two hours. All these questions are focused on the major skills and techniques and cover all aspects of the duties of a CNA. Students will have two options either a written test or oral test from which they can choose any.

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 A Complete Guide to CNA Certification Exam:  Pass the Exam with Flying Colors

The second component also the last part of the exam is the skill test which is held at a clinical setting where they are required to demonstrate their skills when dealing with the patients on different conditions. Normally the candidates are asked five procedures to demonstrate and as usual students will have no idea on what subjects they might be focused on. Few of those procedures can be feeding a patient who cannot feed himself, taking vital signs of the patients, bathing and dressing them up or making the bed. The examiner will have close eye on your every move and marks are given based on how you perform the given task.

Statistics shows that most of the students fail at written or oral test than at the skill test as the questions can be confusing and tricky sometimes. So do get prepared for this portion of the program. There is couple of those free as well as premium samples of the questions and guide books that will sharpen you up.

How to apply to a CNA certification exam?

An individual who have completed a state approved CNA program is still not ready for the CNA certification exam. There are few of the requirements you need to satisfy first. Below here are those requirements a candidate must complete in order to be eligible for the exam.

  • First one is the age limitations. All the applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age. There are no ifs or buts.
  • Candidates should have passed a written competency course of at least 40 hours under the supervision of a trained personal.
  • Applicants should have completed a high school education and may need to submit the transcript during the application procedure.
  • Students need to be fluent in English because most of the communications are done in English. Students might have to go an English proficiency test.
  • Applicants should take and pass a criminal background check and a drug test. Failing in either of these tests results to ineligibility.
  • Applicants are required to submit a recent health check up report proving that they are in good health and that they do not have any contagious disease.

What are the steps to apply to a CNA certification exam?

  • First you need to fill out the application form with valid info provided by the licensing authority.
  • Next submit the application form and verify the training form so that the licensing authority can determine if the program you have attended is accredited.
  • Now submit all the required documents which include transcripts from all the attended schools, medical and background check report. You will also have to submit the fingerprint card to the Department of Public Safety.
  • Once you are approved for the exam get ready to pay the exam fee which varies with states. In Texas it is around $100. Normally the written and skill test exam is cheaper than the oral and skill test exam.
  • The licensing authority will notify you with the status of your application so it is not good to call the nursing board about the updates.

The Bottom Line

Within United States, it is mandatory for CNAs to hold a state approved certification in order to work in the public health care industry. If someone says otherwise, don’t believe him. If you have failed the exam you need to resubmit the application, go through the verification process and pay for the exam fee again. It is equally important to renew and verify the licensure; an expired license has no value. This is all for protecting public and making sure that they are getting medical aid from a qualified and experienced personal.

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