CNA Classes: Your Questions My Answers

Who are called CNA’S?

Healthcare professionals who assist patients and clients with their basic daily activities are Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs. These healthcare professionals usually work under the supervision of registered nurses (RN) or licensed practical nurses (LPN) in places like hospitals, hospice care or nursing homes.

Do I have to bear any medical background if I want to take CNA training?

CNAs come from all walks of life and typically have no medical background before training. Nevertheless you can get this training from numerous schools and community colleges. Similarly you will also be able to find an online training program.

What are the qualifications required for me prior to get enroll into any CNA class?

  • You must have to be 18 and above.
  • You must have completed your high school diploma or GED.
  • You will be tested on your reading, writing, and learning skills by many institutions before your admission.
  • Heath checks up proof are mandatory. These include vaccination records, tuberculosis examination proof.
  • You should have a clean record and not have any criminal records.

How long are CNA classes?

The duration of your class totally depends upon state to state and their requirements. Many states have their own set of required classroom hours and practice sessions. The duration of your class also depends upon how dedicated you are and how regular you visit, and for how many days in a week.

It usually takes about 2-4 week program to complete your course going almost full time.

I want to get CNA class right now? How can I get it from your website?

In your right side bar there is a search option called “Find Your CNA School Today”. Choose the option whether to take online or campus or both. Enter your zip/postal address. The next page will guide you towards information on various campuses and their details. Make sure you fill up all the information that are being asked there. Filling up all the information will help us in searching the best CNA School for you in your area that fits you the best.

What are the benefits of taking online CNA classes?

There are several different benefits to taking online schools for nursing assistants. The biggest advantage is the convenience of taking classes. If you are already working a full-time job and have no time to go to the school is such case online classes provides you with the opportunity to fit in your education around your schedule. Similarly if you a busy parent who needs to juggle your family, work and classes, the flexibility the CNA online schools offer works as a blessing.

What are the benefits of taking CNA classes from a classroom by visiting my college? What are the advantages of CNA classes prior to online CNA classes?

Keep in mind that while online CNA classes can be beneficial because they tend to have a more flexible schedule, you will be missing out on seeing procedures performed in person. It can be difficult to learn the proper method of changing bedding, bathing a patient, or observing specific hygiene rules from a book. If you typically need to see something performed to really grasp the method, online CNA classes may be more challenging for you.

Can I save some money by taking online classes?

You can often save money on your nursing assistant training by taking courses online. This is sometimes a more cost effective way to receive the non-clinical portion of your training. In some cases, you might even be able to find free online CNA class options.

What are the criteria’s I have to search in for my CNA classes? Why is the accreditation necessary?

You need to make sure of certain things before you decide to join a school. Always look for programs that are certified by a recognized nursing authority and also make sure it meets your state or region’s requirements. Find classes that can arrange you a hands-on training is also a good idea. Nevertheless, the most important thing about choosing a CNA training program is making sure it will get you a certificate at the end.

The best way to know if the classes will count toward getting your certificate is to call the certification testing facility in your area and ask them which schools are accredited. Talking to other CNAs in your area will help you get information about the good CNA schools. But you should have this in mind that accreditation status can change over years. For example, a school can lose their accreditation if they fail to adhere to certain standards, while another school could make the list if they improve their classes to meet the criteria.

Recommended CNA Schools!

Get a hands-on education at Lincoln Tech. Designed for today’s tough job market, our in-depth programs cover many fields including: Health Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Hospitality, Automotive Technology, HVAC Technology and Electrical Systems Technology. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Programs vary by campus.


  • Patient Care Technician
  • Medical Assistant
Locations: Mount Laurel
Florida Technical College has structured its Health Care, Technology, and Programming curricula to achieve one thing for its students: success in the real world.


  • Patient Care Technician Diploma
  • Medical Assistant Technician - Diploma
Locations: Lakeland
Successful careers begin at the Milan Institute. We offer quality hands-on training, experienced faculty and a staff committed to helping you realize your goals.


  • Nursing Assistant
  • Medical Assisting
  • Dental Assistant
  • And more...
Locations: Sparks
Train for the real-world skills that help you launch a successful technology or healthcare career with a degree, or diploma from Florida Career College.


  • Patient Care Technician (10-month diploma program)
  • Medical Assistant Technician (10-Month diploma program)
Locations: Tampa
Turn your talents into a career. Nationally recognized and accredited Platt College offers degree programs in Graphic Design, Multimedia, IT Networking and Paralegal.


  • Certified Nurse Assistant
  • Medical Assisting
  • Respiratory Therapy
Locations: Alhambra

The goal of Virginia College lies in its responsibility to its students, the technical and business communities, and the general citizenry. We have a long history of offering new direction to students.


  • Practical Nursing
  • Medical Assistant Associate's Degree
  • Medical Assistant Diploma
  • And more...
Locations: Jackson
Harris School of Business offers career-focused education that gives you the skills you need to make the leap into your new career.


  • Certified Nurses Aide
  • Patient Care Technician Level 1
  • Professional Medical Assistant
Locations: Danbury


Take the step to get a new career today



Southern Careers Institute has maintained a tradition of career training for over 50 years in Texas with campuses in Austin, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Pharr, San Antonio & Online courses available to anyone, anywhere.


At SCI, we have made it our mission to provide our students with the training they need to be successful in a new career. We offer career training in Medical, Business, Skilled Trades, Cosmetology, & Technology programs. These certification-based programs are designed to make our graduates some of the most marketable job candidates.


We are Texas born, Texas proud.


  • Nurse Aide
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Office Specialist
Locations: Pharr

Get personalized attention at UMA.

One-on-one tutoring, pre-interview coaching, job search assistance, alumni services—they’re all included in Ultimate Medical Academy’s competitively priced tuition. As a nationally accredited school, we provide quality career training at our campus in Clearwater, Florida. Let’s talk about your needs, your career goals and how UMA can help you succeed.


Gainful employment information can be found at and includes information on tuition, loan debt, completion, placement and occupations.


  • Patient Care Technician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant
  • And more...
Locations: Clearwater

Why Brightwood?

Real-World Training

We keep education relevant by employing instructors with real-world experience in the field, who bring their career backgrounds to the classroom. Our programs are continually assessed by faculty, staff and members of the business and education communities to help ensure your studies align with your career goals. Programs offered by Brightwood College focus on local employment needs, in areas such as allied health, nursing and technical and professional programs.


  • Patient Care Technician
  • Medical Assistant
Locations: Laredo
 CNA Classes: Your Questions My Answers

What is the name of the body that provides accreditation to CNA schools?

The National League for Nursing Accredited Commission has the authority to provide accreditation to any CNA schools.

Suppose I felt that I should take online nursing classes? Then, can I take half of my class online and half by visiting my school?

Whether you take online class or take regular class the choice is all yours. Definitely online classes give you an extra benefit of saving time and money. But the better practice would be to take your theory portion online and the training sessions by attending campus.

I am a 45 years old woman. I have no job currently. I have heard about CNA and its career prospective. Is there any age limit in this field? Can I become a CNA?

Definitely yes, your age boundary will not create any obstacle for you in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. The only prior thing you have to do is take CNA classes, fulfill all the training requirements, sit for an CNA state exam, get a license and you are right away set to start your career and get a job.

I want to take a career in nursing but I am not sure of whether to take classes for RN degree or CNA? Also I am not sure of the difference between the two? Can I get some information in details?

CNA stands for certified nursing assistant whereas RN stands for registered nurse. I.e. RN are nurses and CNA are assistants of RN. With higher degree, study and qualification you can become a RN. But if you want a nursing career with limited study, hard work and still a handsome salary, CNA is the best.

Are there any state requirements and prerequisites for CNA certification? Can I pursue my degree from one state and apply for CNA certification in another state?

Getting a CNA degree is a great alternative but you should think about your state’s requirements for certification. You may choose to complete your CNA training from any state but you have to make sure about its authentication within the state that you live in. It is found that different states have marginally different prerequisites for CNA certification. States vary in their specific licensing requirements, but each state requires CNAs to pass an in-person certification exam that consists of both written questions and demonstration of competency with clinical tasks.

What is the guarantee that I will get a job after completing my classes?

Additionally, there is an ongoing shortage of CNA’s in the field, meaning that once you have obtained your certification, you should have no problem finding work.

Are there any requirements I should be maintaining after I have successfully completed my classes, and have started working as a CNA? Is there anything such as post CNA requirements?

CNA requirements are stipulated by the federal government. Most states in the United States of America require all CNAs to be in good health, have no criminal record and no history of drug use and be blood tested for substances. Nearly every state will require a CNA to have a health screening and undergo a police check to guarantee that all CNA candidates have complied with all the regulations. Every CNA must maintain their certification from year to year and their certification must be renewed on an annual basis before it has expired.

Get your CNA classes right now

  • In your right side bar there is a search option called “Find Your CNA School Today”.
  • Choose the option whether to take online or campus or both.
  • Enter your zip/postal address.
  • The next page will guide you towards information on various campuses and their details.
  • Make sure you fill up all the information that is being asked there.
  • Filling up all the information will help us in searching the best CNA School for you in your area that fits you the best.


  • Look below the page, you will find list of all accredited colleges, their info and contact details.
  • Enter which level of education you want to take.e.g associate, bachelor etc
  • Enter your zip/postal address.
  • Now, the next step is to fill up the form correctly.
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