State by State CNA Salary & Factors Influencing It

The world is on a phase of an economic crisis. In this modern world it has been harder for everyone to find a job that meets its expectations in terms of both salary and satisfaction. But do you know that medical sectors are booming a lot and provide much more benefits then other areas worldwide. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) meets all the criteria’s in terms of both satisfaction and salary.

So, who are called as Certified Nursing Assistant?

They are health care professionals who works under the supervision of a registered or a licensed nurse, assist them and work together with them for the overall benefit of ill patents and handicapped ones. They are the actual vendors in a hospital or a community who directly co-operates with a patient and physician. So, CNA’s are also called front line health care experts.

By the above definition you have quite clearly understood that handling the job and responsibilities of a nursing assistant is not a subject of everyone’s interest. It takes a lot of dedication, effort and hard work to be counted as a qualified nursing assistant. But, it’s an innovative and healthy career if you have right skills and upfront training.

CNA salary: A quick overlook

how much does a cna make1 State by State CNA Salary & Factors Influencing It

CNA salary


Let me illustrate you from the graph. The graph shows that the median salary of a CNA is around $28,404 per year. But in general you can easily make from anywhere around $20,000-$35,000 per year being a CNA. This figure is more than enough for a person to lead a successful quality life in US.

Let’s  for a more generalized data. Definitely the earning of a newly qualified CNA is a bit little than a qualified one.

The table is shown as below.

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 State by State CNA Salary & Factors Influencing It
  • Newly Qualified CNA:$22,400-$26,071
  • 1-3 Years Experience:$25,182-$29,305
  • 3-5 Years Experience:$29,022-$32,472
  • 5+ Years Experience:$32,142-$35,411

 Average CNA Salary By State

Alabama $28,000 Montana $26,000
Alaska $21,000 Nebraska $22,000
Arizona $23,000 Nevada $24,000
Arkansas $26,000 New Hampshire $27,000
California $28,000 New Mexico $23,000
Colorado $23,000 New York $31,000
Connecticut $28,000 New Jersey $27,000
Delaware $25,000 North Carolina $25,000
Florida $25,000 North Dakota $25,000
Georgia $27,000 Ohio $24,000
Hawaii $20,000 Oklahoma $24,000
Idaho $23,000 Oregon $24,000
Illinois $27,000 Pennsylvania $23,000
Indiana $27,000 Rhode Island $27,000
Iowa $24,000 South Carolina $23,000
Kansas $23,000 South Dakota $22,000
Kentucky $24,000 Tennessee $24,000
Louisiana $20,000 Texas $25,000
Maine $25,000 Utah $24,000
Maryland $27,000 Vermont $26,000
Massachusetts $30,000 Virginia $26,000
Michigan $24,000 Washington $24,000
Minnesota $24,000 West Virginia $27,000
Mississippi $32,000 Wisconsin $21,000
Missouri $26,000 Wyoming $28,000


Factors influencing CNA salary

  • Education and training

It greatly affects your overall salary. If you are qualified from an accredited institution and have completed all the essentials trainings then the future path will be simpler and short for you.

  • State you live

Many states require you to have a license before they permit you to work as a CNA. It is illegal to work without a Verified license in such states. Definitely in this case a verified license earns a lot more credit.

The CNA salary also depends upon the state luxury and development. If you work in a metropolitan state such as New York, California, LA you will be paid higher. The reverse case will be applied in remote areas.

  • Working area

CNA’s who work in nursing homes and clinics are paid higher than those working in house aides and old home cares.

  • Hard work and enthusiasm

This rule apply in almost all career. Qualification comes with hard work and with qualification you will be awarded higher post, higher degree and higher salary.

Future Scope for CNA

And once again, think of the future prospective. According to a survey made by BLS the scope for nursing assistant is going to rise by 15% till 2016. This is a quite interesting data. This is just not the overall scenario. Nowadays people are being more concerned towards their health. They don’t want to take any risk when it comes to such thing as health. They are going to pay any amount of money if they are assured they will get quality treatment. This also states that the scope is not going to be declined in any way.

A final thought

It’s great to find a career that’s worth deserving and healthy. You can do a lot more than described above being a CNA if you can keep the pace with ongoing  and continuous study. Afterwards what is great than a salary, reputation and you can still have satisfaction in your mind that you are doing all this for a noble cause? A cause of helping mankind and serving the world.

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