If You’re Not Disciplined And Punctual, CNA Career Is Not For You

Reading an outline of the CNA career, especially their schooling method and general job duties, shall feed you the idea that the CNA profession is quite simple (there’s no math involved there and nor are there any programming codes to fry your mind). But here’s the catch– becoming the CNA is not as easy as it seems, and if you are not disciplined and punctual, CNA career is not for you.

What has “Punctuality” to do with CNA Profession?

If Youre Not Disciplined And Punctual CNA Career Is Not For You If Youre Not Disciplined And Punctual, CNA Career Is Not For You

Every job field requires the workers to show respect for punctuality i.e. the act of arriving on time or doing things on time. With the CNAs (or any health care practitioners for that matter), punctuality has an even greater meaning in their life (as well as to the patient’s life). Here are some points which will clarify the importance of being punctual:–

1. Patients Need You to Be Punctual!

You must understand that the Certified Nursing Assistants are the major workforce of a health care industry. It is the CNAs who are charged to monitor the patients all 24 hours; you will actually be working on 8 or 12 hour shifts, and other CNAs will take up the monitoring job after the allotted time.

Now, the CNAs in the morning shift (starts from 6am or 7am) shall have to arrive in time to say “Good morning” to the patients (got to wake them up), change the bed sheets as well as the bed pans and then adhere to the calls of the patients (some disable patient may want to use the bathroom…while some patients must be given a bath – you shall get used to their involuntary defecations).

Likewise, you will also have to feed the patients in timely manner. More importantly, you, as a CNA, will have to give medicines to your patients on time.

Speaking of punctuality, it is also expected of a CNA to report the patient’s status to their seniors (usually a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse). Moreover, promptness in calling up a senior staff is required when the patient’s health condition turns abnormal.

In other words, the wellbeing of the patients will totally be in your hands, and if you don’t give them the timely services, then you might as well be killing your patients.

2. Your Co-workers (Other CNAs) Need You To Be Punctual!

In a typical patient care ward, there would be around 20 or so patients left in charge for around 2 to 4 CNAs (some long term patient care facilities have an even worse CNA to patient ratio…no wonder, the job is considered hellish or say demanding).

Now, if you arrive late to the work, the ratio will get even worse; your co-workers will have a hard time looking after their patients, as well as the patients charged under your care. The result – they will be mad at you for not coming in time.

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 If Youre Not Disciplined And Punctual, CNA Career Is Not For You

3. Your Employer Needs You to Be Punctual!

Employers are often considerate. They will forgive your lateness at work for the first time and even allow you to take leaves on days when an emergency work (like your relative getting ill or you yourself falling sick) catches you.

However, your lateness at work will not be tolerated every day, especially when there are disable patients depending on you for their everyday chores. You might receive warnings for the first time, may even have pay-cuts also.

Add the complaints of your coworkers (when you don’t arrive on time and their workload gets worse), and your employer may well pick up the pen and fire you from the job.

What Has “Discipline” To Do With CNA Profession?

discipline If Youre Not Disciplined And Punctual, CNA Career Is Not For You

Be it at your home, school or in office, discipline is always expected from you. For the sake of information, discipline means adhering to the rules and regulations of a place, and doing things (or your CNA job duties) as per the general practice.

Now, you might think the job duties of a CNA is a child’s play. But, there’s a difference of worlds between theory and practice.

In theory, the CNA job duties (feeding, bathing, grooming the patient…changing bed sheet & bed pans and documenting the patient’s vital status) will seem easy to handle but in real practice, the seemingly easy nursing duties shall wear you out physically and mentally. After all, it’s not 1 or 2 patients that you will be looking after but rather 15 or so patients.

At some time, you may come to wish that you had more than 2 eyes and 2 hands. But, what you actually need is discipline – the act of doing your job with dedication, self-control and patience!

Developing Discipline At Work:–

The job duties of the CNA are totally demanding in nature. You will be spending hours standing on your feet, adhering to the calls of the patients (heaven forbid the moments when 2 patients call you at the same time).

The job will not only tire you physically but also put a mental strain on you (you will feel like pulling your hairs, biting the pen, and even running to the employer saying “I give up, I can’t be a CNA anymore”!)

Job satisfaction shall take time to come. The first month of your work at a long term patient care shall be totally unpleasant (to be honest, it will be like hell on earth) but if you stick to the job, as many dedicated CNAs do, you might as well stumble upon the secret of becoming a good CNA. The secret is, of course, discipline but there might be something more!

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CNA Jobs- May Be Yes for Some and May Be No for Some

CNA is one of the very few professions that never lose importance regardless of the country’s scenario. Moreover, they are one of the most affordable and short courses. A CNA earns enough without even going through all those years in the colleges. Hence, it can clearly be seen why the market of CNAs is ever-increasing. There are so many nursing colleges that offer you free CNA training and in return they ask you to work voluntarily for them for six months to one year. Once you are a well-skilled professional CNA, you will have ample hospitals offering you jobs; you even earn well. But it is a job that doesn’t suit everyone, so you should have your homework done before you step into anything. One needs to understand the duties and responsibilities of a nurse aide before thinking of becoming one.


How to become a CNA?

Becoming a CNA is quite a simple task. All you need to do is just take up a state-certified CNA course that will generally last from four to eight weeks. You will find one very easily, and there are a variety of options available like night classes and online classes. Just remember that whatever it is, it should be state certified. And then you have to sit for a state CNA certification exam. If you pass the exam you can start your exam as a certified CNA, otherwise you can take up to three attempts in a year.  If you fail in all the three attempts then you will again need to take a CNA courses to be eligible to take the exam next year. Also, you will have to take the exam every two years to renew your CNA license.


What is the work of a CNA?

cna job CNA Jobs  May Be Yes for Some and May Be No for Some

CNA Jobs

CNAs provide patient care; that may be medically or non-medically. As the name explains, they are assistants to registered nurses. They do jobs like making beds, helping the patients in various activities, collecting samples and delivering messages. In general, they usually don’t have to do any hectic or rigorous jobs. They will have to do the patient jobs that other staff don’t want to do. But some CNAs may also work independently without much supervision. It all depends on how you work and your experience.


CNAs may be called on during any of the time in the day for the job. So, mental and physical health is one important requirement a CNA needs to have. They may have to go through patients that are extremely sick or weak. Emotional stability is equally important. You may have to look after a lot of patients at a time, and you may be doing a lot more work than you initially expect. You are very likely to get a job as soon as you pass out your CNA exam. But you may be disappointed later as you will not receive the expected salary. But as you gain maturity at this profession, your demand will increase and employers will also be willing to pay you more. The afore mentioned information may be a little disheartening, but if you ask how CNAs feel about their job, they will tell you that no other job in the world can be better than this one. Because it is not about what work you do, it is about why you do it. Helping people recover their health is a great work and the biggest reward you receive in return is the blessings of hundreds of people you have served.


How to find a CNA job?

The best way surely is to go online and search. You will find enough jobs lined up there. You can also go to hospitals, nursing homes or other medical centers, and talk to them personally to check if they have any jobs. Or you can also check newspapers to see if there are any ads regarding CNA jobs.


If you think CNA to be just a job that pays you, you may not be very successful ahead. That feeling of helping others is blissful, and if you also want to help others, you should move forward on your track of CNA. After all, you will be a professional member of a team that provides vital care in every ill individual’s life.

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